Surgery Center

Surgical Center

UroPartners Surgery Center is a state of the art facility with 3 operating rooms.  This center has been designed to provide the highest quality care to our patients at a reasonable cost. At UroPartners Surgery Center your surgeon is supported by a highly skilled team of anesthesiologists, nurses, and other medical personnel specially trained in outpatient surgical and recovery care.

UroPartners Surgery Center is designed exclusively for urologic outpatient surgery. Because a hospital must be staffed and equipped to treat all types of medical problems, it provides a broader range of services than your current needs require. As a result, we are able to offer patients a convenient and comfortable surgical experience.

UroPartners Surgery Center specializes in a wide variety of outpatient surgical procedures. 

We preform: 

  • Cystourethroscopy 
  • Stent placements and removals
  • Laser fulguration of lesions and tumors
  • Lithotripsy
  • Circumcision and revision circumcision
  • Vasectomy
  • Prostate biopsy (Fusion Biopsy)
  • Laser vaporization of the prostate
  • Brachytherapy
  • Removal of foreign body
  • Insertion of penile prosthetic
  • Excision of hydroceles 





Legal Documentation: PatientBillRights.pdfUSAffordableCare1157.pdf

What to Expect

Our center’s warm surroundings and individualized attention by qualified healthcare professionals minimizes the stress often associated with surgery. You will be released within hours of your surgery to complete your recovery in the comfort of your home.

What to expect Before you arrive 

A member of our team will be calling you once your appointment has been scheduled from your physician’s office.  We will go through your insurance benefits as it pertains to your upcoming surgical procedure.  We will also go through a list of instructions regarding your procedure. We will also verify who will be your ride to and from the center on the day of your procedure.


What to expect After you arrive

You will be given an arrival time of approximately 60 minutes before procedure time to allow for admitting. A receptionist will process the needed admission and insurance information. You will need to sign a consent form acknowledging your permission for the surgeon to operate. You will be asked to change into a surgical gown prior to surgery. A nurse will take your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. The anesthesiologist will talk with you about your anesthetic and an IV may be started in your arm. After surgery our nurses will move you to our fully equipped recovery room where you will remain under observation until you are ready to go home. When you are ready for discharge, the nurse will explain all postoperative instructions and prescriptions. Any questions you have after surgery should be directed to your surgeon. It is normal to feel drowsy after receiving an anesthetic.  Therefore it is recommended that you postpone the following activities for 24 hours after discharge:

  • Driving or operating equipment
  • Signing important papers
  • Making significant decisions
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages       

Pre-Op Instructions

Careful attention to the following instructions will help ensure your comfort and reduce the possibility of complications:

  • Do not drink or eat anything (including water, chewing gum and hard candy) after midnight prior to your surgery.  Undigested food in the stomach can cause complications, and your surgery is likely to be cancelled if you do not follow this instruction.

  • A responsible adult must drive you home! For your safety and protection, you will not be allowed to leave the center without a responsible adult to accompany you.  Failure to make the necessary arrangements could result in cancelled surgery.

  • Bathe or shower the morning of the surgery to minimize the chance of infection.

  • If you develop a cold, sore throat, fever, etc. please notify your surgeon.

  • Remove all make-up, nail polish, and jewelry.  We also suggest that you wear loose comfortable clothing.  During your surgery you will wear a patient gown and slippers provided by the center.

  • If taking medication please consults your physician, as to what medications, if any, should be taken prior to the day of surgery. 

  • If you suspect that you are pregnant please notify your surgeon and anesthesiologist.  Anesthesia and medications may be harmful to the developing fetus.